Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cherry Blossom Central

This past weekend we went out and enjoyed the lovely cherry blossoms around the Yeouido area of Seoul. On Saturday we went to the Yeouido park and then on Sunday we went back (Joi came too) and looked around the Hansang Park (which is right by the Han River) and found the "festival". If you like looking at millions of pictures of flowers (although it's not all of flowers) then go here immediately.

(l)A performer at the festival.
(r)A vendor selling coconuts with a straw!

Both of the parks were quite awesome and full of people doing fun stuff. One thing I can say about Korea is that people here are really active. They are constantly out walking, even if they are so ancient looking that you would think mobility would have been a distant memory. At many of these parks you can rent all sorts of cool things like roller blades, bikes (tandem ones too!), S-boards (sort of like skateboards) and other various things. Probably the coolest and most difficult looking thing were these tiny boards with a single wheel underneath them. They were like ghetto roller skates and they looked impossible to use and balance on.
It was all really lovely and a lot of fun (even if it was a bit windy out and overcast). Cherry blossoms are fleeting things too and once the blossoms fall off the tree it's really not that pretty so I'm glad we went out and experienced it while we could. There are a few random trees around our apartment and school and already they are starting to look a bit scabby because all the blossoms have fallen off. Korea really does have some lovely trees and plants though. I have no idea what kind of tree this is but it is my all time favorite (and there is one right outside of the Lion Class window).

If anyone knows what kind of tree it is I would be interested in knowing. The flowers are so gorgeous!

Oh and I have to post my favorite cherry blossom picture- I just love how the tree is reflected in the pond!

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Natty said...

They are magnolias I think!!!