Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dragon and Unicorn class

Since I am long past due for a guest appearance on "our" blog I thought I might take a moment to tell you all about my new kindergarten students. When "Dolphin" and "Bear" class graduated to elementary they were picked up by Amber. I'll miss the little terrors, it's true, them and their chemically unbalanced parents, but I have a new army of adorable children at my command now. I am 'Teacher' of the mighty DRAGON and UNICORN classes.

In honor of this event I have changed my desktop wall paper to this.

This work of art pretty much sums up my new kids. Awesome, and a little bit gay (but not too gay.) They even have personalities to match their mythological namesakes! Unicorn class has 10 students in it, including crazy Charlie. They are sweet kids who love hugs and games and holding hands. In short, they're total pussies. The Dragons are smarter, taller, stronger, and speak English like 5X better than any other kindergarten kids in the school. I really lucked out with them.

And look! We made a very special art project in Dragon class back in April to commemorate the new class!

His name is "Magic the Dragon" or "Magic flying ice breath Dragon!" YEAH! Feel the noise!
Cower beneath his might! You pretty much have to because I pinned him to the ceiling.

I plan to put up a similar project in Unicorn soon so keep yourselves posted!

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