Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our pottery came back!

Remember when we went on that awesome field trip last month to the Pottery Village? Well yesterday we got our stuff back. Everyone was a bit surprised at how much the vases shrunk and how the colors turned out.
As you can see from this picture, the vases were pretty big. Also, we spent a lot of time carefully painting them. And they had told us that the paints would turn certain colors. If I had known how those colors actually turn out I don't think I would have put as much painstaking work into my vase and would have just carved a few interesting things into it and basically just left it as is. My mug is really lovely though!

Oh well, they are still pretty cool and they were fun to make (and free! Hooray again for free stuff!). We have another field trip booked for this coming Wednesday to a Children's Museum. Sounds like fun!

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