Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tis the Season

It's been an exciting mail week here in Gimpo. We received a huge, awesome parcel from my Mom on Monday and today we got gifts from Donna and Cindy. Thanks everyone! I think we have a fake tree somewhere but I'm not sure if it's in a presentable condition or if I could even be bothered to really decorate so I'm thinking maybe I will put all the wrapped ones under the giant cactus in our spare room. A Christmas cactus is way more fun than some old plastic monstrosity. Anyway, Matt and I went back to Dongdaemun this past weekend and things were decorated in full force. I bought a really adorable toque/scarf (maybe you'd call it a torf??) and Matt found some pants that fit (apparently in Korea he is a XXL- note, in Canada he is a M). I took a few pictures at Dongdaemun:

This is a blatant lie. Every Korean I know is constantly complaining about how bitterly cold it is (however it is still not cold enough for it to actually snow and definitely not cold enough for any snow to stick around).

Almost every department store had some kind of outdoor display or showcase going on. This one had some pretty fly Korean hip hop dancer chicks. It was a bit 'In Living Color'. Good times.

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