Saturday, December 09, 2006

Crazy Candy

Last Friday we had our monthly theme day. This month it was "Crazy Hair Day". I had my hair dipped in ultra strong super adhesive gel to form a wicked cool mohawk and Amber had three funky hair buns going on. This was nothing compared to some of our adorable, very crazy children who had horns, messy hair, spikes, and ponytails galore. One girl had a giant spike like thing coming out the top of her head. Truly awesome.
Nobody beats out my Dolphin girl 'Candy' for crazy though. Yep, Candy is her chosen English name, and here she is...

Let me give you some background on my little three foot funny bunny. Candy alway wears interesting clothes and she loves to be praised. Everything she colors is rainbow. I have a scarecrow hanging in my office that she colored in October and he's wearing some pretty funky rainbow pants. Joi is afraid of her. She loves to prance (jump/dance randomly) and play with a grain of rice for hours in the palm of her hand. She eats off the floor. She is obsessed with bunnies and chicks.
She is also very cute and one of my favorites. For my vote Candy is the clear winner for Crazy Hair Day (she also had the best complimentary crazy outfit to go with her hair). You go Candy!

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April said...

Aaaaah yes...Candy...but of course!