Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lotte World

Last weekend Joi, Paige, Matt and I trekked into the depths of Seoul to celebrate Paige and Matt's birthdays (Nov. 23rd and 30th, respectively). We went to Lotte World! I was really excited even though I had the most hellacious cold going on. I drugged myself up and slept most of the subway ride there and then I was good to go.

See? Look how perky I am!

I had a really fun time and it was a gorgeous day- warm without a cloud in the sky. Most of the Lotte World stuff is indoors but there was a big section outside which we frequented so I was glad it was sunny. Going on a Saturday was pretty insane and there were ridiculous lines and tons of people. I imagine that Disneyland would be alot like this on a Saturday (although Disneyland would be cooler, I think). For 5 hours we only managed to get on 4 rides, eat some chow and explore around a bit. The rides were really fun and didn't spin around (well the ones we went on) so Matt was able to go on them and not puke all over half of Seoul.

We went on this roller coaster: Atlantis, first and it was really excellent albeit a bit cheesy. We did learn through the detailed artifacts surrounding the roller coaster that all people in Atlantis were missing their right legs and that they were plagued by a number of orange and pink googley eyed monsters. No wonder they didn't survive.

Later we went on the Gyro Drop. Which went up really, really ridiculously high and we could see forever. The other two rides we went on were fun but these two were the highlights for me.

Besides having some really cool rides (and a skating rink that I didn't get to use. *sob*), Lotte World is a very educational place. For example, I'd always suspected I would discover the 4th Dimension in Korea. Now I have proof it does exist!

Later I had a lesson in Italian cuisine from the food court when Paige came by with this scrumptious platter from the "Italian" booth. Note to self, if I'm ever craving 3 kinds of meat with some pickles, french fries and rice I should immediately head to Venice.

I don't know about you, but my mouth's watering.

After Lotte World we met up with Jon in Itaewon for a birthday dinner extravanganza. We went to an Indian restaurant which did not compare even a little bit with my favorite Indian place back in Edmonton. Oh well. It was still tasty but a bit on the expensive side, unfortunately. Jon picked up a really delicious birthday cake, although they were out of birthday ones so we just congratulated them both on their old age.

Group picture!

Next we stumbled into the Twilight Zone when we went into this pub filled with foreigners. They had Garth Brooks cranked and on the walls were posters for Guinness, Heiniken and some Korean traditional masks. It was pretty surreal but they served decent beer (although I had tea since I was dying and could barely talk). It was a fun day, all and all. For complete photographic docummentation go here.


DefectiveNarcissus said...

No, I can't say Italian food ever consisted of pickles and rice... What kind of meats were they? Still, to eat 'Italian' food Korea seems kinda cooler than being Vice-President of the Gay and Lesbian club at my school. DANM YOU ALWAYS WINNING ONE OVER ME!!!!!

ambearo said...

I think the meats featured were pork, beef and fish- all with some strange sort of gravy stuff.

You're the VP of your G & L club? That's pretty excellent. Now that's one position I doubt I'll ever get to fill; being straight and all.