Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My diabolical genius

My co-teacher Michelle had to take a day off work with her fiance Lewis (the manager of our school, doncha know) to plan their wedding. This meant someone had to pick up the slack and I volunteered. I taught both my Bears and Dolphins together as one super class. They were "Bolphins".

As you can imagine, this is more or less suicide. One teacher does not stand a chance against fifteen wild, hyper emotional, pushing, screaming, running, bug squishing, scribbling, snivelling, little brown monsters! Not an ordinary teacher anyways.

Fortunately, I was allowed to manipulate the curriculum for this one day. We played gym, had story time, sang Christmas caroles, and colored. All very managable group type activities. I even printed out extra worksheets just in case some kids finished early. This was my saving grace since some of my kids are much quicker than others. When they finish coloring or doing a particularily easy worksheet they tend to rip the class apart with their tiny fingers. In this case the assignment a Christmas themed maze that took all of five seconds for them to complete. You know the kind. You find them on the backs of cereal boxes. So I printed out another maze for them to do.

As you can see my children were quite occupied.

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