Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Crazy Hair Day

So last Friday we had another theme day with the kindergarten students and this time it was Crazy Hair Day. Most of the kids made some kind of effort, however, generally the results were a bit shy of 'crazy'. They were still really cute and quite entertained by the concept of crazy hair. All the teachers participated- Matt rocked a mohawk while I went for the classic, yet subtle, triple-bun with silly barrettes look. Here are some pictures of Lion class and some of the kids from Dolphin class (one of Matt's classes).

Every day is Crazy Hair Day for Charlie considering he is crazy.


April said...

OMGoodness!!!!! That little girl in Matt's class on the right with her very CRAZY hair is too adorable...look at her in her uber cool outfit and flashing the peace sign!

I also have crazy hair day every day...

ambearo said...

Ahh, that's Candy. Did you see the entry completely dedicated to her?