Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Category: Extreme Animal Abuse

Joi took Teek to get groomed today and look at what they did to him!!! Good Lord! Someone needs to be arrested.

He's reaching out for help that doesn't exist. Poor fellow.

He looks like a plucked chicken/rat/chihauhau/giraffe. Yes, Teek is a freak.


Anonymous said...

hee is so funny although slightly cruel! Isn't it winter there? cute sweater though


Anonymous said...

Wow- that is one unfortunate haircut. As a yorkie owner and lover, I feel your groomer should be subjected to some sort of horrendous torture involving hot wax, a straight edge and perhaps feathers. Poor little dog- at least it will eventually grow back though he may require some sort of therapy to restore his confidence.........


Kirsty Bryce said...

So, I invite you to post on my blog...and then you stop posting on both. Sad.

ambearo said...

To answer all comments-

Leah, it is winter however this dog is never allowed outside so it doesn't matter that much.

Breanna, this haircut is making us all worry and doubt if he's a yorkie at all. He sure doesn't look like one anymore.

KB, dude I'm working on new posts but I am also severely, intensely lazy. You know this. Plus your blog with the Google account crap is a pain to try to log in with. It's worth it to contribute to your stellar blog, however. xxx