Saturday, September 09, 2006

Temporary Glitch

So today at work I learned a very important lesson- if you can't read something, don't play with it. I was trying to change something on this blog and half of the stuff was in Korean. And then the next thing I knew, I erased the damn thing. And then I wanted to cry. So this weekend I plan to work very hard to resurrect our poor little brown blog and make it better than ever. I've got some adorable pictures of my kindergarten students, some pictures of an authentic Korean BBQ and some norae bang shots that speak way louder than words. Trust me people, it will be worth both the trouble and the wait.


kristybruce said...

Hello. Welcome to the world of blogger.

I have to say though, your plagiarism of my blog template is uncalled for.

ambearo said...

Hello! Isn't this supposed to be the highest form of flattery? Also, all the other brown templates looked like ass. I am sure you understand.

kristybruce said...

Ha. You know very well that I understand nothing.