Saturday, September 23, 2006

Birthday Techno

Last night we celebrated Matt's Birthday (roomie Matt - not me talking in third person and celebrating two months in advance). After work Friday I had to just boot it home up all the rocks and steps to get home so we could leave. On our way we came across a group of kids lighting tea lights in the basketball court. It was pretty and sweet so I took a picture. They were, ominously enough, also celebrating a birthday. I made it home in time and we kidnapped Matt.

We blindfolded him and Amber, Joi, Paige, and I took him to his favorite Galbi house here in Gimpo. It was fun. We ate at a small round wooden table. Really very decent food for what it cost too. Then we surprised Matt with a cake and sang happy birthday, and this was my favorite part of the evening. Because in
Korea when someone whips out a birthday cake and sings everyone's favorite birthday jingle everyone joins in. The Korean families also dining at this establishment were quiet and unassuming until we brought out that cake and then bam! They all come wish Matt a Happy Birthday, get him some drinks, and become really friendly and inviting. Also, in Korea when you whip out a cake you share that cake with everyone. I like this. It solves the left over cake problem and it warms the soul.

Afterward Joi experienced killer stomach pains so Paige was kind enough to run her to the hospital for a shot of whatever it is the Koreans give you. Thank you Paige. Matt, Amber and I went to the "Cass and Rock", a bar, and bought a giant pitcher of Cass beer. Korean beer is weak shit man. Like take Budweiser and add ether. Not water. Ether. Water is too strong. An hour later we were rip roaring... barely buzzed actually. And for those of you paying attention, yes Amber drank beer! Shocking.

So someone else was ALSO having a Birthday at the Cass and Rock. They shared their green tea ice cream cake with us and I ate the whole thing. Matt and Amber refused. I don't know why. I mean its cake! You eat it! It's delicious man! A little weird maybe, but not bad. Although it was topped with whipped cream and a red bean. So then I bought the birthday girl from their party a shot of whiskey and Matt carried it out for me. She drank it and then they in turn gave us this... I don't know... plum liquor and beer mixture??? It was alright. I'd have it again. It would probably go well with another slice of that green tea ice cream cake!

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Future Girl (by only one hour now for you!) said...

Sounds fab!!! LOVE the cake sharing thing!!! Love love! And green tea ice cream cake sounds YUM!