Saturday, September 09, 2006

Korean BBQ Deliciousness

After work on Friday Joi took us out to dinner to celebrate (well technically it was on Derek, the teacher we're replacing but that's a long story and perhaps not one I should be posting on the internet- so if you're interested maybe email me) and it was so delicious and amazing. The 4 of us went, as did Paige Teacher from our school. It was nice having a Korean person with us since she told the cab driver where to go and did all the ordering, etc. We walked up to this rundown looking building and no sooner had we climbed up the stairs we started hearing tiny, jubiliant voices screaming, "TEACHER TEACHER TEACHER!!!!". Yep, out of all the restaurants in Gimpo we chose the one filled with about a dozen of our students. So much for relaxing after hours. The kids kept poking their heads into our room and the look of amazement on their faces was pretty cute. They looked astounded to learn that not only do we leave the school, but we also eat!

Paige Teacher ordered a BBQ for 5 and was there ever a ton of food. Korean BBQ places all have a grill in the middle of the table where you cook your meat. They also have more side dish things than I've ever seen in my life. Some are delicious, some a bit questionable.

Behold the glory of the side dish! Matt and Joi are so awestruck that they must avert their eyes.

Can you taste it?

Paige Teacher and I

As it turned out it was great luck that our students were dining at the same establishment as their parents decided to pay our bill. The only thing more delicious than Korean BBQ is free Korean BBQ. We were unfortunately not able to finish all the food but I did get to try soju (it's a Korean alcohol which is sort of a cross between vodka and kerosene) and I was sufficiently fueled for going out to a bar and rocking out at the norae bang.


Anonymous said...

I see that someone extra cool in that picture is wearing an extra cool shirt...that maybe someone extra cool at home owns also! Missing you!

ambearo said...

Miss you too, hope you're also wearing your extra cool shirt.