Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lion Class

So, as I previously mentioned, I teach the youngest kindergarten students at Little Brown. I have five of the most adorable little boys in the whole world. They are still playing a bit strange but are starting to warm up to me pretty fast.

L-R: Ben, Max, Steven, Daniel and Brian
(These were taken on Friday which was a "Theme Day" and therefore everyone was wearing opposite/different shoes)

When Ben started school in March, apparently all the students were calling him 'the ugly kid'. Poor Ben. He's a bit spastic but very smart. He's really good at creating full sentences but has trouble singing "Row, row, row your boat" (Ben translation- Lo!Lo!Loleeboat!). You can't see it but those pants he's wearing have a smiley face on the bum. When asked why he is feeling happy he generally replies "Two teacher come". He also does a mean high five.

Steven is our sensitive, tortured artist of the group. He often misses his mommy and will then withdraw and sometimes cry (but not too often because 'only babies cry'). He's excellent at coloring but takes his time so much that often all the other kids are finished way before. He's also a really quiet talker but usually if you prompt him he'll get a bit louder.

Daniel can be a bit stubborn at times. He's definitely a boy's boy though and is interested in dragonflies, caterpillars (and according to this picture) and plastic bags. He's got a really sweet smile and likes playing tag. He also really gets a kick out of hiding under the table and having Amber Teacher say, "Oh no! I've lost Daniel". He's good friends with Ben and they often hold hands and get into trouble together.

Max is my little genius. He really hates playing outside or having to go to gym or music class. He'd much rather sit in the classroom and look at a book. This week we've been studying "The Wheels on the Bus" and Max likes to sit down with the book at noon hour and quietly read it to himself, practicing the English words and the hand gestures that go along to the song. It's pretty adorable. He often will grab me and get me to read through books with him. Kelly Teacher says his parents are doctors and that doesn't surprise me one bit. He's also the most popular student in the class since no one ever fights with him or gets angry with him. Everybody loves Max.

And then there's Brian aka Lion Brian aka Baby Brian aka Cryin' Brian. Brian is the youngest student at Little Brown (4 years old which actually means 3 years old) and therefore gets away with bloody murder. Anything Brian doesn't want to do, Brian doesn't have to do and people are constantly giving him candy. Yes, it's good to be Brian. Also, he doesn't really look it, but he weighs a frickin' ton. It's like he's made of lead or something. Brian also has a slight biting problem and you can often hear Kelly Teacher say, "Brian! Don't bite your friends! Say sorry!". And Mr. Brian immediately looks forlorn and says, "I'm sorry, that's okay" and proceeds to bite someone else an hour later.

Kelly Teacher with our Lion class at the lake near our school. Notice Steven is hiding and everyone else is some sort of ninja. They start training ninjas young here.


drowsyrabbit said...


You know your class so well! You've seriously got nothing to worry about. How have you learned so much about them in only a week??


So glad your blog's been resurrected.


ambearo said...

pssh, this is the easy class! i have five others that i have to teach by myself. alot of this information came from kelly teacher. i'm also glad my blog is back though. :-)

Mez said...

They are the cutest bunch of ninjas I have ever seen!

Sweet Mags said...

They are so very cute!!! I love that you getting to know them all so well and their personalities!!! Yay.


Natty from The Future said...

OMG!! So cute! I worry that if I read your Blog too much I will need to pack up my house and move to Korea as well!!!!

ambearo said...

Come on down Natty! We need a new teacher at the end of the month. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love this! Your kids are adorable!!!!!

Dylan said...

Um, is that one kid wearing two entirely different shoes?

Crazy foreigners!

ambearo said...

If you'd actually read the blog you would know that these pictures were taken on Opposite Shoe day. It was required that they wear different shoes. They are only crazy when they're gobbling up the kimchi.