Sunday, September 03, 2006

Our Apartment

Our apartment was nothing like what I expected. Everyone I talked to that has worked in Asia has consistently reported that living conditions are cramped, tiny and basically a bit dirty and crappy. When we walked into this place I was in awe. It's like the Ferrari of living accomodations. The only downside is that there are roommates here. When we originally accepted this contract they promised us private accomodations. We then had the difficult decision: do we want to stay in the palace and sacrifice some privacy or would we like to push for a different place and risk living in a nasty little shithole. In the end (because our roommates Matt from Montreal and Joi from Missouri are pretty nice and not creepy), we told Mr. Lee that we would stay but asked for some repairs and upgrades to the place.

our front door (look we're in apartment 201 here too!)
the funky screen that separates the porch with the rest of the apartment
the apartment iguana (which is kind of freaky- notice all the stuff on top so it doesn't escape)

a couple shots of the living room area (the iguana also lives here, but behind the couch)
a picture of the space between the kitchen and the living room

The kitchen (note the massive fridge and stove complete with OVEN!!!) and the one bathroom (Joi has another in her room)

The space age washing machine

I keep expecting it to blast off.

Our bedroom with its own cool balcony. This apartment has 4 rooms about this size and we get to claim 2 of them. You can probably understand why we're staying. Also, it's helpful to have other people who can help us settle in and guide us along.


Sweet Mags said...

Ohh, I like the washing machine, the whole apartment is beautiful!!!

ambearo said...

The washing machine is pretty neat. The lid has a hinge in the middle and kinda tucks in the top. In fact, I had to ask Joi where the lid was because it's designed to be hidden and out of the way.

Natty from The Future said...

I love the screen!! So totally cute!!! It kind of reminds me of the Sims.

as does the washing machine.

as does the random iguana pet. Just like something you could have in the sims.

ambearo said...

Just call me Amber Sim.