Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Around Pungmudong

So Gimpo City is actually a fair size (but nothing compared to Seoul or Busan) and is split up into 5 (I think) neighbourhoods. We live in Pungmudong (which is quite out of the way and only has ONE bus that runs out here to take you into Sadong (downtown Gimpo)), which is quite quaint and pretty and not too crowded at all. There are lots of gardens and mountains surrounding us. It reminds me a lot of BC (British Columbia, Canada).

Our apartment building.

The Buddhist temple/university that I can see from my bedroom window. Sometimes I wake up at 5am to hear the monks chanting.

Good old Samsung Mart- great place for 50 cent ice cream.

Rice fields and lake near Little Brown.

These trees are everywhere and they are my favorite! Like huge bonsai trees.

The exercise area for our apartment. Basically all of the equipment is pretty useless and involves a lot of twisting. Only old people seem to use it (at about 6am so that their jabbering wakes me up).

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drowsyrabbit said...

I love these photos. Take more please =D

Missing you, Ambearo