Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hudson Bar and Norae Bang

Hudson Bar
(for further pictures from our night, go here)

After our delicious, free Korean BBQ we ventured out to sample the Gimpo nightlife. First stop was Hudson where they make the most fabulous strawberry margarita. If I could fill a pool with this margarita I would be the happiest person in Korea. They also had the most bizarre complimentary snack- deep fried spaghetti. Behold!

It didn't taste good AT ALL, yet we were compelled to eat it. Clearly this is Korean voodoo.

Paige Teacher & Joi Teacher margarita it up

A lesson in why soju, whiskey and beer do not mix.

After Matt (roommate) was suffiently plastered we moved on to NORAE BANG! This is easily the coolest thing I've done in Korea. For the ignorant, norae bang is like karaoke, only way better since you rent a private room for your group. This means no waiting for strangers to warble through nasty Britney Spears tunes. Also, our norae bang gave us a score out of 100 at the end of our song. This seemed to be based on how loud and awful you sang and perhaps how nice your hair looked (basically it was non-sensical and had nothing to do with being talented).

The selection of English songs were interesting and random. For example, they had a lot of Madonna, however, Like a Prayer was not on the song list while 6 of her songs I'd never heard of were. I did rock out to Alanis (You Oughta Know) and Avril (Sk8ter Boi) and a little bit of Green Day (Basket Case). Joi didn't stick around but the 4 of us had a lot of fun.

Paige breaks it down while the rest of us get our rock stars on.
There were a few 100 scores that night.


April said...

Wow, you guys sure look like you had a fabulous time! Deep-fried spaghetti CAN NOT be good. I'm sure.

kristybruce said...

Actually, that is what real karaoke is like. Only the west wrecked it.

drowsyrabbit said...

Excellent photos! 100/100 =D


JediEmpress said...

deep fried tortellini is good. Deep fried sphaghetti sounds like it would just be boring.
I love your guy's faces in that first photo. That's awesome.

ambearo said...

Kristybruce, karoake in my world= the suck. I am officially a norae bang convert. The west pretty much ruined everything, except for pizza and maybe chocolate.