Sunday, September 17, 2006

Market Day

So Friday was Market Day for the elementary students. They collect points from teachers for good behavior, finishing their homework and getting 100% on a test and then every 6 months they hold a Market Day where they can cash their points in to buy toys, play games, etc. Basically it was like a ghetto Penny Carnival. It was pretty frantic but it did mean that we didn't have to teach after the kindergarten kids left and that we were finished by 6pm (instead of my regularly scheduled 7:23pm). It was a good time for all!

Matt ran the very popular store room which offered cool toys, stickers, pens, pencils, notebooks and jewellry.

There was also a raffle for various bigger toys.

Yummy Land was also a big hit where kids could buy some sort of Korean dish and grapes.

There were also cool games like the bean bag toss, basketball, darts and pin the tail on the tiger (designed and created by our Matt). Downstairs they were also showing DVDs with snacks.

Everyone had a really good time. This is my student, Luck. Sometimes I think that he knows more English than I do. He is definitely on the far right hand side of the bell curve that is my students.

More Market Day photos here!

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