Monday, June 09, 2008

Weirdest Class Gift

As a teacher I've received a lot of presents in Korea. The vast majority have been lovely and thoughtful and usually the gift is at least interesting. The other day one of my students came to class and presented me with a water balloon! Actually, he brought one for everyone to be fair. What the hell!?! I asked him where he got them and he said he bought them at the corner store for 100 won a piece (about 10 cents per balloon). I basically dissolved into giggles and was at a complete loss for words. Anyone that knows me knows that I never turn down free stuff. Even if it's ridiculous and I have no use for it. This I had to regretfully decline since I had nowhere to put it safely and honestly wasn't sure what to do with it if I'd kept it. It's the thought that counts right? The hilarious, unusual thought.

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