Monday, June 09, 2008

The Day Matt Broke Everything

Last Saturday we gave our apartment a thorough cleaning in anticipation for some guests that were to arrive in the evening. Matt was in charge of the bathroom.

A short back story, the glass on the right side of our medicine cabinet has been a bit loose for sometime. We've meant to try and glue it in better but hadn't found the time. I'm sure you can predict where this is going.
Not only did Matt knock the glass out of the cabinet door but when it fell it managed to crack the toilet tank lid in half! Look at the carnage! Also, look at how evil Matt looks in this picture. I took a more flattering one but I thought this one was most appropriate considering he evilly broke everything (all that was missing was maniacal laughter). He somehow managed to find a replacement for the toilet lid on the same day but we still have easy access to the cabinet. Damn!

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Carter said...


He looks even more evil than in the coffee cup picture!