Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This One's For Carter!

Look what I found on the weekend!! Dana showed me this great store not far from her place called "I Love Cookie". Not only was it full of handy Western goods (at premium price of course) but it also had a lot of Japanese and other foreign products. When I saw these I immediately thought of Carter and knew I had to risk life and limb (and possible eviction from the store before I could buy cookie mix) to photograph them. It's highly possible that she already owns both though.

The first is a toaster that toasts Hello Kitty's face onto the bread and the second is something to imprint her face on pancakes. Neat! A short digression- I was just thinking about how hilarious it would be to have a toaster that put the Virgin Mary's face on the toast. Considering how often I'm stopped by people wanting to join their church here I think those would be a great distraction to hand them while I ran the other way.

Even Matt got in on the Hello Kitty love when we saw her at 7-11 in Jamsil Station. I think Hello Kitty is cute but I have a confession to make...

My heart will always belong to Miffy.


Carter said...

MATT!!! Do you know how lucky you are?!?!?!

Do people in England even like Miffy? Or is it just Asia?

I feel so honored!!!!!

Curse my not living in an Asian country long enough to fully-stock my kitchen with Hello Kitty appliances!!!

ambearo said...

I'm not sure if people in England like Miffy but I really love Miffy. I even bought a Miffy fan today. Summer is here and I am melting.

Anonymous said...

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Natty said...

You can get that Hello Kitty sandwhich press here in Australia!