Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last Weekend in Review

Last weekend was fun but nothing earth shattering happened. Friday night I arrived home and was greeted by a classic Korean movie blasting from the park across from our apartment. Some sort of festival had been going on all week (still not sure what it was about) and apparently this was the grand finale. I tried to take a picture of the giant screen but since it was dusk none of the pictures turned out very good. Once Matt finished work we went out for some chicken galbi and then had a round of norae bang.

Saturday I got a haircut (which basically looks just like my last one but I did get a service deep conditioning treatment!) and then we decided to bum around Myeongdong and window shop a bit. We stopped and watched these two guys making something that looked a bit like moth cocoons. They put on a hilarious bilingual show (English and Korean) about how to make this dessert from honey and different nutty fillings. We couldn't help but buy a box and I have to say, it's pretty delicious. It's called Kkultarae and is a traditional court cake. So I guess it was a snack for Korean royalty back in the day. That link is actually to a Youtube video someone made in Myeongdong possibly of the same guys that made our kkultarae. It's intereseting, you should watch it.
Don't be afraid! It may look like a cross between a cotton ball and a cocoon but it's actually sweet and tasty. We bought the kind with almond filling.

After picking up the kkultarae we wandered around some more before bumping into our friends Jessica and Jon at the Gap. Small world! Strange to run into people you know in a city as massive as Seoul (especially since they don't actually live in Seoul and neither of us live near Myeongdong). We met some of their friends and had dinner together at Outback Steakhouse.

Then we made a huge mistake. Well, I made a huge mistake. I let Matt talk me into watching "The Happening". Oh my word- crappiest movie EVER! Please don't watch this. Please. I beg of you. Maybe the preview makes it look okay but trust me, it's really horrible. Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. Stupid plot, atrocious acting (so wooden I thought I was watching Pinocchio), all the actors were miscast, crappy directing and a preachy underlying message. You don't believe me? Well Matt's started a movie blog and even he gave it a scathing review and he's the one who chose the movie (he did later apologize profusely). If you want to read more of Matt's reviews I've added his blog to my links section on the left side of the page.

Sunday we met for a book club meeting at the Dr. Fish cafe since last time Susan wasn't able to make it. I hadn't noticed before that there was art inspired by The Little Prince on the wall at the cafe, complete with model airplanes. This was especially appropriate since we were discussing The Little Prince this time (and catching up on other books we'd read but hadn't discussed in depth). If you want to see all the pictures (and Susan's hilarious reaction to trying Dr. Fish) you can go here. We didn't do sticker pictures this time but we used the wigs to make a funny group picture of our own. Heheh!

Oh and I have to say I recommend Susan's blog about our meeting and also her review of The Little Prince. If you thought Matt's review of "The Happening" was harsh this will probably make your toes curl. It's no holds bar!

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