Sunday, June 15, 2008

More School Snippets

Meet my student James. Can you guess what he brought to school with him for no apparent reason? Water balloons? Nah, that's been done before. The Dead Sea Scrolls? Wrong again.

Take a look for yourself.
Don't refresh the page or get your glasses. Yes, that is a hamster in a shopping bag. What the eff?!? I was totally speechless. It would be an understatement to say that many people here don't view/treat animals the same way as we do in North America (just visit a zoo or pass by someone selling chicks stuffed in a box in the subway if you don't believe me). But really, what were his parents thinking letting him bring this hamster with him to school in a plastic bag? James hung the bag on the hook under the desk where you're supposed to hang your backpack and the hamster did make it through my class (not sure if it picked up any English). Just speechless though.

On a less disturbing front, look at this cute drawing one of my favorite students did. This girl has incredible speaking skills and is always drawing. She's in my favorite class, actually and I am going to be so sad when they level up next month and leave me forever. Waaah!


Carter said...

Is it just me or does James not look very Korean?

This may just be that weird thing my brain does that thinks everyone is Canadian.

ambearo said...

It's weird since I've been living here so long I don't think anyone looks "Korean". They are just people. So it was interesting when Matt's mom was here and she was like, "Wow it's so strange only seeing Asian people everywhere!" and I was like, hmmm, yeah I don't even notice.

Bybee said...

Very cute drawing of you. The hamster...uh, not so cute. I have rodent issues.

Carter said...

Oh my John, Finny, this further proves how much we are the same person. Although I sometimes DO think, "What?! Asian!?" in K-Town. haha. But, then again, I sometimes think, "What?! Not a crack-head?!?!" when I'm downtown K-Town.