Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Promised Land!

My lovely friend, Andy, who speaks amazing Korean was really kind and found me a map to our nearest Home Plus. We've been shopping at Lotte Mart this year but honestly it's more expensive and doesn't have a great selection for a lot of things. I was really missing Home Plus, which was the store we used last year when we lived in Gimpo. As it turns out Home Plus isn't too far away and it is giant and GLORIOUS. Way more awesome than our Gimpo store. We were just casually browsing (honestly Andy told me his Home Plus had Cadbury chocolate and I was hoping to find a Caramilk. Haha!) but it was so amazing. We didn't find Cadbury but we did buy these weird cherry M & Ms. Not the most delicious thing ever but interesting.
Oh and while we were combing the aisles (seriously we went down every aisle, I insisted) we stopped for a free drink sample and the lemonade girl told me that I look like Drew Barrymore! Bwahaha!! Actually at first I couldn't understand what she was saying which is unusual since I'm really good at deciphering messed up English. I blame cognitive dissonance for my comprehension difficulty. Pretty much the last celebrity I look like is Drew Barrymore.

There's also a Kraze Burger attached so we split a burger and some chili fries for supper. Note that we only ordered one drink and they gave us two straws without even blinking and were totally on the ball about refilling it. I love that about Korea. Back home if we tried to get away with sharing one refillable drink there would have been death glares and atrocious service. They also had a gelato place with interesting flavors like cheese and white wine (not together, two separate flavors). We'll have to try that next time!

After we get paid I predict a huge Home Plus grocery run. I am so excited!! Yes, my life is that sad sometimes. ^^

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