Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Things that happened today.

I'm really surprised that this week is going by so quickly. I thought for sure it would drag along because I am so anxious to see Stephie and Alison (TOMORROW!!). This is how you know I'm really busy.

Today we had our July birthday party at school (for Lily and Cathy) and it was pretty standard but we were the only class that had birthdays this month and therefore the only people who got cake. It was delicious (Matt)! Heheh.
After work we went to Home Plus to take out cash and buy groceries. We decided to grab a bite to eat before shopping and we saw one of the students from school. This student is named Juliet and although I've never taught her, she loves me. A lot. It's really cute (she's about 10) and she's very smiley and sweet (she always holds my hand! Awww!). So we said hi and proceeded to wait for our food. Then Juliet came up and bought some of these [sweet?] potato snack things. I went over to tease her and ask if she was buying me a present and then she handed them to me! I've seen these snacks around a lot and always assumed they were hot and tasted like french fries. Yeah, not so much.
They are incredibly hard and crunchy and shockingly cold. They tasted all right after we got over our preconceived expectations of what they were 'supposed to' taste like. It was really kind of Juliet and her mom to buy us this snack because now I know what it tastes like and know that I don't need to try it again. Hahah.

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