Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Lazy Sunday...

This weekend has been great since we've really had a chance to unwind, relax and sleep a lot. Today we did take a walk downtown and had some shabu shabu and frozen yogurt before trying out a noraebang right by our house (it wasn't too bad because we found a bunch of other English songs hidden at the back). Now the weekend is over and it's back to work. This week is a big week since our new teacher is supposed to be coming Tuesday night. Seems they are trying to make some [positive] changes at our school and even though the poor guy will have to be at work on Wednesday, they aren't just thrusting him directly into his class (like we were). He gets the rest of the week to shadow his classes and then Monday he'll be on his own. Which means one more week and then I get my regular schedule back. Thank goodness!

Anyway, cross your fingers that our new roommate and coworker is really, really nice and doesn't try to watch us while we're sleeping or lick our eyeballs or something.

Look at how beautiful it is out here! Doesn't it look like we're in the lower mainland or something? Everything is really green and lush. Supposedly we're in the rainy season and Joi made it sound pretty grim. Maybe this year isn't going to be so bad though? It hasn't rained too much yet and when it did it wasn't too bad and didn't last all day. Or maybe the worst is yet to come?

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