Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Lily!

Yesterday (Monday, July 16th) was my Lily's birthday and she was more precious than usual. I'm pretty sure I got a few cavities from her sweetness. I took a few videos and they turned out all right. No singing involved this time!

This one of Lily is probably my favorite. She is such a little muppet. It's also cute how Janet and Andy say things in the background (like "Today is Monday!" and "Happy Birthday Lily!"). The other two are of Will and Andy doing air guitar and of some of the Lion kids showing their animal identification skills. Will kept trying to pose for pictures and then wanted to look and see himself on my camera. Oh and Jake is usually perfect at the animal identification but I wasn't able to point at the animals and shoot the video so that's why he was confused and sidetracked. Alexa is a super star though! I'm so proud of them and it's so hard to believe that 4 months ago they didn't know a word of English!

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