Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Swimming Fun!

Last Wednesday we had our July field trip and we took the kids to a pool! We were a bit concerned things would be canceled on account of rain (it's an outdoor pool and it's the rainy season right now) but luck was on our side and it was a beautiful day! I learned some new things about Korea on that day- people do own bathing suits, when you swim at a public pool you wear bathing caps and high heels are still favored by some patrons. I took some cute pictures (I was nervous about doing so and looking like a pedophile but then Janis Teacher was snapping away and I thought, "What the hell!?"). The kids were so excited and everyone brought some kind of inflatable. More pictures here.

In one of the pictures you can see our new teacher/roommate Brian. I'll let you figure out which one he is. (^ ^)

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