Saturday, July 07, 2007

Our Trip to Wolmido and Yeongjongdo

As I mentioned, Matt and I were feeling the need to get out of the city for a bit and see the sea. I searched around a bit and we decided to check out a couple islands near Incheon- Wolmido and Yeongjongdo. (In Korean 'do' means island.) We had a great time, even if it wasn't blue skies and margaritas. It only drizzled a little bit and the overcast weather made things nice and comfortably cool. We left on Saturday and came back on Sunday. I would recommend taking a weekend to check these islands out or else some of the other small islands in the same area. Incheon airport is actually located on Yeongjongdo so if you need to fly out it's definitely worth exploring it and then catching your flight the next day. Anyway, if you want to see all the pictures you can wander over here or else just look at these highlights.
(left) Wolmido sea front.
(right) Look closely at the sign on the balloon popping game place. Isn't a hunting rifle a bit hardcore?

Look at the outfits they have made these poor girls wear. They are part of the show for one of the ferries (the one we took was purely for transportation). In the other pictures I took you can see their neon bustle and gold shoes. Hey Steph and Alison, I think I found you a job!

The seagulls were totally crazy! People were feeding them snacks and they were swooping right in and taking them from their hands. It was advertised in a brochure as being "very romantic" and as you can see from this video, there is no stronger aphrodisiac than being attacked by seagulls.

(left) Yeongjongdo! Look at the fresh seafood market.
(right) Don't forget your beach essential- high heels. Another odd thing is that no one wears bathing suits. I guess most Koreans can't swim so they just wade in their regular clothes. I even only saw one little kid in a bathing suit.

We hiked around and the terrain was interesting. Some of the bridges were pretty ghetto but we didn't plummet to our death (or our injury even). It was all good.

We didn't do anything incredibly exciting but we had a lot of fun lounging around, reading, eating delicious fresh seafood, singing at noraebang, and playing arcade games. It was exactly what we'd been needing.

You can see our delicious clam bake and our neat little motel room. Very cosy. I think that we were given extra clams and oysters because we're foreign. Possibly because we're Canadian (since I was asked if I was American and when I said I was from Canada the whole staff lit up like a Christmas tree). I love free stuff.

Look at me and my amazing skills! I made the high score! I'm a Korean legend!


Mez said...

Wow that all looks like so much fun to boring me sitting at home!

Matts singing face is pretty hardcore!

ambearo said...

We are pretty hardcore with the noraebang. A force, in fact.