Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sports Day

Friday we had our monthly theme day and this time it revolved around sports. Most kids wore a soccer jersey or a t-shirt with a basketball on it or something but a couple of kids stood out a bit more. I was taken aback by the little girls in ballet/dance outfits! I mean, they were so adorable but dance isn't the first thing that springs to mind when I think of sports. There were no kids with bowling balls, however. Heheh. I took some cute pictures and in the spirit of sport day I filmed my kids during gym class when we created a simple obstacle course for them. Probably no one is that interested in seeing all the videos but if you are then you can go here, scroll down and look at all of the videos I've made. The gym class ones have the kids names as the title.

The best videos are the ones of Alexa, Jake and Andy and they are really short (a minute or so). I know, I know, I am pretty obsessed with my kids but come on! They are brilliant and super cute!

For all pictures from Sports Day you should go here.

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Carter said...

Holy crap the flexibility!!!!