Sunday, July 08, 2007

Canada Day in Korea

Last weekend was a really busy (and important!) one for us since it was Canada Day! On Saturday we had a bit of an Augustana reunion with the folks we know that are living around here. We all met in Ilsan and then traveled to Paju (which is very close to the border- like 6 miles from North Korea). Jess and Jon are currently living and working in Paju and were kind and generous enough to host this event. It was a really fun time with good conversation, fantastic food, beautiful scenery and a few drinks too. It was really cool to touch base with people that we hadn't seen in a few years but that are out here too.

On Sunday we met up with Eddie and Gisela in Seoul. The boys were responsible for the planning and they did a decent job. We went to the art museum (you may recall that Matt and I were there in the winter but the art has been changed since) and admired the Monet exhibit. Then we walked to Meongdong, window shopped a bit, had some supper and found a noraebang with the fabled "good song list". I was glad we had the good book since we'd been telling them it existed for quite awhile and I think they may have been a bit skeptical. Monday ended up being a bit of a tired day but it was worth it since we had so much fun with everyone.
As a result we have laid pretty low this weekend because we're old and because the new teacher (who was supposed to come last weekend but had some kind of emergency) is supposed to arrive this week and we wanted to clean up a bit. If you want to see all the Canada Day pictures look here.

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