Sunday, October 15, 2006

Meet Michael teacher!

This is Michael teacher. The 'old Matt' left him behind with naught but a phone number for some guy in Itaewon who may or may not come and pick up the little bastard. When the old Matt adopted Michael teacher (what a stupid name for a lizard btw) he was burnt and emaciated. That was a year ago. Matt himself has never cleaned the cage and considering how well the previous owners took care of him we can logically conclude that the aquarium has not been properly cleaned...
let me see...
carry the two...

Personally, I like Michael teacher. Joi hates him though and wants 'it' out of the house stat (her hate is based purely on fear and lizard ignorance, so try not to judge her too hard for her lizard prejudices). John and Amber, I think, couldn't care less as long as they don't have to deal with him. Amber may have let me keep him if I changed the name. But pets should be a unanimous decision and so I'll do my best to get rid of him. I'm in no hurry however.

Isn't he cute??? Aww!

He eats lettuce and drinks water. I tried giving him a mushroom and some spinach but he wasn't interested. As you can see the top of his aquarium, or 'terrianium', is loaded with heavy, heavy objects to keep Michael teacher from escaping. Weights. A puzzle. 'The Godfather'. A larger inflatable iguana. You know, heavy stuff. Apparently he used to get out all the time and Joi would come home and sure enough there would be this iguana being all iguana-like, hanging on the screen door, puffin' a cigarette, saying things like "Yo Queiro Sexo" and stuff. Can you blame Michael Teacher? All teachers want to escape!

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