Sunday, October 01, 2006

Clean, Efficient Transportation

I wish that the public transportation in Edmonton was this awesome! The bus system is a bit tricky since everything is in Korean but the subway system is really cool and pretty easy to use. Fares are based on how far you travel, which is way better than just a blanket fare if you ask me. Also, they give you CHANGE here on the buses (Joi thought I was insane when I wasn't willing to put my 1000 Won bill into the bus slot when the fare was only 700 Won until she learned this important detail). Also you can get a card that you put money on and can scan on any bus or subway around here and I think you get a reduced fare as a result. Matt (who left early Saturday morning for Taiwan) gave me his on Friday and yesterday I put money on it so now I don't have to worry about hunting for change when I want to go somewhere.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the subway:

Note how clean and space aged they are. Joi decided to show me her "bedroom eyes" in this picture to express how much she appreciates me taking a picture of everything.

These stations were all over the place in every subway station. Remember, terrorism can strike anytime, anywhere and then you will want to be able to quickly suffocate yourself with a plastic bag and end it all as soon as possible.


Natty said...

Do you have one of those bags?! Just in case?!!?!?

DefectiveNarcissus said...

Damn you for doing cool things, in a cool part of the world!! Damn you for taking cool pictures, and having cool stories!!! Now my chatting it up with Margaret Atwood, and having the LongPen sign my "Moral Disorder" seems so lame!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!

ambearo said...

Natty- I think they only release the bags at the time of the emergency. Or maybe you're supposed to break the glass or something since they are locked up.

Hector! Dude, I wish I'd gotten to talk to Margaret Atwood at the unveiling of her longpen! I'm totally jealous! That's a moment in history!