Sunday, October 29, 2006


This week went by really quickly because we were so busy. On Thursday I taught Jon's classes since he flew to Osaka and it went better than last time I had to cover Lamb/Tiger class. I think it might be since I know the kids better now or maybe they are more used to me. Who knows. Friday was the Halloween party, and yes, we are aware that Halloween isn't until Tuesday but they really don't celebrate it here and doing things on a Friday is alot easier than in the middle of the week. Plus all of the classes are scheduled to come on Fridays and only about half of them come on Tuesdays.

So on Thursday night I was at school much later because I taught an extra elementary class and then had to help decorate the school for Halloween the next day. Jon has some pretty awesome elementary classes if the one I taught was any indication. They spoke English so well and I was shocked at how much easier it was to teach when you're not spending half the class communicating what the instructions mean. I could just talk to them and they understood me almost 100% the first time around. No wonder I am always so exhausted after teaching my elementary phonics class. It just takes so much energy to get your point across when your class has a combined English vocabulary of 100 words maximum.

Friday was a fun day but so much work and so tiring. I felt like I'd ran a marathon by the end of the day even though technically our day was shorter than usual. Kindergarten came through from 9:30-12:30 and then elementary came from 3pm-6pm. They ordered pizza for lunch and somehow Kelly managed to hide almost an entire pizza without anyone noticing it was gone. Then when everyone was totally stuffed and we thought there wasn't much pizza left, she pulls out all of this pizza and keeps on eating! She must have the metabolism of a hummingbird with ADD with the way she eats and never exercises.

The kindergarten kids were all really adorable in their costumes and I got to meet some of their parents who came to take pictures and join in the fun. It was a bit like the paparazzi though with all of the giant cameras. These are definitely well off families judging by the size and quantity of their video equipment. I swear, this one camera looked like it'd been swiped from CNN or something. One set of parents sought me out to tell me how much their daughter likes me and I was really surprised because I don't even teach this little girl. It was really nice and I wish I'd had more time to talk to them. I think all the kids had fun playing games and eating themselves silly with the candy, cotton candy and caramel apples. I tried to dress up as a monster but the most popular guess was that I was an angel. I don't know what kind of angels have furry blue feet but oh well. Here's a sampling of the cuteness, but for the full meal deal, go here.

Lion class really enjoyed the Mummy wrapping game.

Matt's graveyard was a hit!

We had to alter bobbing for apples slightly but it was still pretty popular. Sam gets one!

This is Joi's class and as you can see most girls dressed up as a princess/fairy/angel combination and most boys were a power ranger/superhero of some kind. Tres cute!

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Jo said...

How adorable! Happy Halloween Ambearo :)