Sunday, October 15, 2006

Forever Blowing Bubbles...

Friday we had a bubble blowing activity. Technically we were supposed to teach the kids about directions (north, etc) and show them how to use a compass but that part didn't really happen. We did talk about the wind and that kind of stuff but come on, I don't even know how to use a compass, let alone teach some 4 year olds how to use one. It was a lot of fun though and the kids were really cute. Only Brian drank his bubble mixture so really it was all pretty successful.

Kelly and Paige and lots of kiddies.

Jun (our boss' son) and my little Steven.

Brian; Michelle teacher with her and Matt's classes.

More bubble mania here.

Later that day I took a couple other pictures of some of the kindergarten students. I told Albert (who is in one of Matt's classes) to make a really silly face and boy did he deliver.

And then Andy (Lamb class) showed me the cool airplane he made.


kristybruce said...

So, how was your twice a year drill yesterday?

It's nice to know that you are prepared in the event of a disaster.

I hope someone told you about it ahead of time, though.

ambearo said...

I actually have no idea what you're talking about. Also I had a terrible sleep last night and going to work is close to the last thing I want to do right now.

kristybruce said...

I saw on the CBC that South Korea conducted their twice yearly evacuation drills on Monday (in case North Korea attacks).

I guess you didn't have to participate.

Karen says that when she was in Korea, no one told her about it, and she was just walking down the street when suddenly the sirens went off.

ambearo said...

Nope, we didn't have to participate. However, when we were outside with the kids a ton of armed soldiers walked by and there were a couple of army vehicles filled to the brim with more soldiers. I'd momentarily forgotten about what you said so I asked Kelly what was going on. She said "North Korea" with a straight face and then laughed her ass off for about 5 minutes straight when I got a shocked look on my face and asked, "Really?!".

kristybruce said...


You are close enough to be impregnated by Kim Jong Il's super sperm, in fact.

So keep everything locked up tight.