Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saying Goodbye to my Students

So it's over- I'm no longer Amber Teacher. Strange to think but no, I am not interested in becoming a teacher in Canada. I like my students well behaved with limited English skills. Less backtalk that way. Hahah. I took a few pictures of students on my last day but this one was my favorite. Look at mischievous Kangmin!! I'm going to miss that little terror! I knew he was doing this too (click on the picture to see). My last day was much easier emotionally than Little Brown. I didn't even shed a tear and I was frantically busy for pretty much the entire shift. Also I was proud of myself because I didn't punch any of the douchey management. This is a bigger accomplishment than you think.

I had a few highlights to my last day- one being that I broke the "serious" rules for once and totally let my favorite class watch a movie instead of reviewing their boring lessons for the 14th time. One boy was so adorable because he was like, "We must keep our books open on our desk so if wonjongnim (the principal) walks by he will think we are studying". Sneaky! It was great though.

Matt decided to order pizza for his last 2 classes of the day and so he had them delivered right to the classroom. There were 5 and they were massive so he gave one to me- the trouble was, I was finished my classes except for my Korean Mom Class. The 3 of them (one is in the US for a vacation) showed up with a pizza and a huge cake! So we spent our last class eating, chatting and giving away pizza to anyone willing to take some. It was excellent. My year with Little Brown was all about my students- I still think of them often. This year was way more about friends and colleagues and so that is who I am really missing. I'll have to write a real reflection post on my life in Korea, maybe when I've had a little more time to process it.

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Anonymous said...

As far as I know, you ED made a such a mess there. you wanna have a break on 24/12 while everybody had to work. you encouraged the teachers there have a break even if there were classes on the date..
I heard a lot of bad things about you from the other foreign teachers. you got paid higher than the others. but still complained and made lots of trobles.