Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Glasses!

One thing I had to do before leaving Korea was take advantage of cheap prescription glasses. Especially considering that there were lots of year end sales that made them even cheaper than usual! I ended up buying 3 pairs of glasses and a bunch of contacts (which aren't cheap but I needed some) for TOTAL $225. Can you believe that? In Canada it is impossible (or very difficult) to purchase one pair of glasses for that price. It's a crime.

So here they are- it's hard to tell them apart but the top left pair is black with white on the inside, the top right is grey, the bottom left is the brown ones I've had for awhile and the bottom right is red. Fun! Maybe I should have bought some crazy ones but I wanted some that looked nice too. I just bought from one place so I was limited with the selection they had. Bottom line, if you are in Korea and wear glasses- go buy some! The most expensive pair were the black ones and they were $55!

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