Saturday, January 17, 2009

Free Fish Cakes

So I am going to attempt to finish documenting our last weeks in Seoul before taking off on our next adventure. First up- the tiny cheap diner that we frequented had a customer appreciation day of sorts. I happened upon it by accident and the ajummas that work there spotted me and grabbed me. One of them had the male owner take a picture of us together and then she pushed the crowd aside so that I could get my hands on some free fish cakes on a stick. It was a bit odd and there was a massive crowd. I love how people have absolutely no shame when it comes to taking multiple free samples. They will park themselves and their kids right front and center and pop 25 free samples in their mouth. They do it at the grocery store too- they will eat all of the samples even if there is a line of people behind them. Funny for a culture where, otherwise, they always seem to share food. Anyway, here's a couple pictures of the chaos. I hope that the picture they took of me ends up on the picture wall. They made the best dolsot bibimbap there!

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