Saturday, January 17, 2009

500 Posts and our "KNC Christmas Party"

This is the Little Brown Blog's 500th post!! I feel like I should be toasting with champagne or something. I guess Fresca will have to do. I decided to use this post to talk about our final hurrah- the staff Christmas party that Eddie organized. It was disappointing that more people didn't show up but those that did had a fantastic time. It's hard to get people together when your employers spend all their time and effort trying to alienate people and spoil their relationships. However, Eddie is awesome and a really positive person (they really don't deserve him) so I hope that his influence will help bring some changes over there. Lord knows, they really need it and none of the management is going to do it.
But this isn't about how crappy KNC Hyunjae is (it's really crappy- I can say that now that I am not on payroll) but about how cool our staff made Christmas party was! We all met up for a late dinner of galbi and beer (I stayed away from the soju- yikes!) and then basically went out for more beer and then more beer and norae bang. It was also our last norae bang and I wish I hadn't been still so sick so I could have sang better and more. Oh well. It was a great night and you can see all the scandelous pictures here. I'm really going to miss these people- they are fabulous! Thanks for the great send off and memories!

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Ed Provencher said...

Yo guys. That was a really good time! Thanks for posting photos and the nice comment about me. Too bad KNC won't have me around next year. They changed the C level system so that only bilingual foreigners (read gyopo) will be teaching C classes. In fact, G-dog and I are the only whities left and we are both leaving soon. I'm bummed about losing C classes because those were the most rewarding for me. Charlie offered me a 10% salary cut and continued B7 classes. But after a week, he said Mr. KNC changed his mind and withdrew the offer. You know why? I rocked the boat when I made a fuss about the vacation dates.