Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We're Coming Home!

Finally, finally, finally after much begging, pleading and pestering we have gotten an official flight itinerary! Mark your calendars kids because September 6th is coming fast! Sadly we're flying Air Canada the entire way. :-( Oh well, I guess we'll pack snacks and hopefully we'll be able to sleep and therefore won't be bothered by the total lack of entertainment. Oh yeah, we arrive at 4:40pm so if a large group of people wanted to be there to cheer and scream our names we would be into that.

Anyway, I am frantically busy with EVERYTHING. Including a proofreading gig that Rhie just sprung on me tonight. I am getting paid extra but it's going to be interesting editing 36 books by Saturday.


Crystal said...

Wow. That is really soon!! I didn't expect it to be so soon since you didn't really seem to be in the middle of packing or anything! But then again, you are probably not as horrible as me at packing as it seems no one is.

Yes, doesn't Air Canada suck?? boo hiss!!

Carter said...

Gahh!! Why did it come up like that?? I meant Carter.

ambearo said...

You have multiple personalities all of a sudden! (^ ^)

I am sure I will start freaking out about packing very soon. I am already freaking out about health insurance and transferring money (ie that the exchange rate is crappy now) among other things.

Air Canada flights are the worst I've ever been on and being from Canada I've been on a fair share. I miss Singapore Air already!

Anonymous said...

No Singapore Air? Man....saddest thing ever!