Sunday, August 26, 2007

Theme Day: Wear your favorite color!

This month's theme was "Favorite Colors" and the kids were encouraged to wear their favorite color. This also happened to be Jon Teacher's last day of work. As always, the kids wore some interesting outfits. Apparently Rina's favorite color is white and therefore she wore something that resembled a wedding gown. I'm not sure what McQueen's favorite color is but he looked pretty sharp in his pilot's outfit.

My Lions were the most adorable though because they all wore pink! Even Jake! It was so cute how well they matched and was just too bad that Sara was absent (because I'm sure she would have worn pink too). Look how much fun they are having!! I'm going to be such a mess when I have to leave them!

Anyway, I didn't take a huge amount of pictures but there are more and you can see them here.

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