Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm Sad.

As I've mentioned and you all know, we're in our final month at Little Brown. Things here haven't been perfect but one thing I will always miss and look back fondly on are my memories and times with the kids. I love the kids (well, there is one elementary kid I'm not crazy about but they are starting to grow on me now)!

Something no one mentioned to me when I signed up to come to Korea is that a lot of people go away for the entire month of August for holidays. And the worst part? They take their adorable children that I love with them! So I may not get to see Grace, Will and Lily before I leave. Will and Grace I knew about but Lily was a total surprise. She didn't come to school yesterday but showed up today so I didn't think too much about it. Then her Mom came to pick her up after school and I found out then they are going on vacation and probably won't be back until September! I'm so sad! I love Lily so much! I'm really glad that I cuddled her a lot today (It was only her and Janet in Lamb Class). Her Mom saw how sad I was and wants my mailing address so she can send me pictures and letters though. (Lily's got a really cute older sister named Kayla that I like a lot too even though I'm not her teacher) So yay for that at least! I really hope she does send me stuff and keeps in touch. Man, if I'm this sad about a handful of kids I'm going to be a real mess at the end of the month!

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Carter said...

Oh you know I know exactly how you feel. :( Heartbreak.