Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reminents from the visit...

I just wanted to highlight a few things that were left out from the "Odyssey" series. Mostly funny t-shirts but there also was an interesting summer fruit incident.

I thought this one was cute (but it was way too tight and small for anyone) even if it is a threadless knock off.

I made Steph purchase a couple good ones. The one on the left says, "Make me shake lovely beefcake" and her dress says "Let's play naked twister Linda".

Finally I found a restaurant that serves both three fold flesh AND eat made dishes!

And yes, don't adjust the color on your monitor, that is yellow watermelon. At first I thought it must be a Korean thing but we brought some to work and the Koreans were so amazed! For the record, it tastes exactly like red watermelon.

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Kirsty Bryce said...

Yellow watermelon, I have been told, is rare and apparently good luck.