Sunday, August 19, 2007

Part Three: The Steph and Alison Odyssey

When I last left off the girls had been in Korea for 3 full days. On the fourth day we decided to stay a bit closer to home since we had to get up really early the next morning to catch our train to Busan. This was fine since we still hadn't really shown them downtown Gimpo. There isn't a lot to see in Gimpo and you can pretty much see it in a day but there are some fun things nonetheless.

We started off by showing the girls where the ajumma's work out. And then we hiked a bit through the forests around here until we arrived downtown.

Find your animal spirit, become it and let it's power radiate throughout you.

Alison tried to find a shortcut but it didn't work out.

Downtown we showed the girls our favorite stores and shops and I discovered the girls greatest weakness. Korean frozen yogurt. Both of these girls are extremely health conscious and fit but neither can resist the frozen yogurt here. By my estimations they consumed at least their body weight in frozen yogurt, fruit toppings and coco balls.

We did a bit of grocery shopping and Alison was overwhelmed with the magnitude and majesty of the chopstick aisle.

I'm not sure what she's going to do with them all, actually.

They both bought some of the starter chopsticks that the little kids use here and ironically Stephanie bought a left handed pair! Hahah! I guess it doesn't matter which hand she uses as long as she figures out how to pick things up with them!

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Anonymous said...

Haha I thouroughly enjoyed that blog pictures and all! made me miss Korea and frozen yogurt oh soo much...