Thursday, November 23, 2006

Our First Field Trip

On November 15th we took the kindergarten kids to Bucheon (nearby suburb) to see a Korean Comics Museum. Basically they each got a book with different characters in it that didn't have faces and then there was a sheet of stickers (eyes, noses, etc) and they got to make their faces. After that we walked around the museum for about 15 minutes (everything was in Korean so I didn't get much out of it). The best part about this was my Max clutching my hand, dragging me around and then pointing and informing me that, " Korean this is [insert something in Korean I wasn't able to catch or remember)". The whole trip would have been kind of boring if it wasn't for the excellent 3-D movie we watched just before going back. It was called "Tree Robo" and was also in Korean and from what I gathered it was about a boy and the appocolypse and then a seed falls onto one of the appocolyptic robots and a tree grows out of its head. The kids were adorable in their 3-D glasses and poor Daniel was so terrified of the movie that he broke into unconsolable screams and sobs and had to be ushered out of the theatre area. Click for more pictures.

The glasses were way too big for Brian so he had to hold them on when he watched the movie.

This is Charlie, the student from Jon's class that wants to be an umbrella when he grows up. How perfect is it that his nametag is the only misspelled one in the entire school (click on the picture to enlarge and read).

Brian is the only person who can even attempt to match my cuteness in the bear toque.

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