Wednesday, November 22, 2006

By Popular Demand...

I know, it's been a long time and people have been leaving me complaints. I have so many interesting blogging things to catch up on that's it tough to know where to start. First of all, we're doing well but have been quite busy preparing for the Winter Intensive Classes that start in December and with doing our regular busy teachery stuff. Then, Matt is doing a major revision to a play that he's wrote in hopes that our lovely friend, Kristybruce, and her community theatre group will decide to stage it. This has meant that Matt gets the computer and Amber gets told to "go away unless she wants to read his play and make copious insightful remarks". Rats. I've also been working a bit harder on the learning Korean front since we asked Kelly to help us out and we purchased some new books. Last night she came over and she, Jon and I reviewed most of the alphabet. It's interesting how linguistics work since poor Jon and I can't hear the difference of sounds between many characters, similarily to how they can't distinguish between r and l since they don't have those 2 separate and distinct sounds. Oh to be 4 years old again and learning languages before I created all sorts of habits.

So look for some exciting and informative blogs to be coming your way really soon! Highlights will include: a field trip with the Lion Class, more cute puppy pictures!, fun times in Seoul, the COEX Aquarium, and Joi in a shirt that amuses me in more ways than I can describe.

One quick tidbit before I run and have breakfast: Poor Mattie has a sinus cold and had mentioned at work that he has a sinus headache as a result. Lewis informed us that the ENT (ear, nose and throat for the uncouth) doctors in Korea are amazing and use a nose vacuum to clear out clogged sinuses. If only he hadn't ended by mentioning that then they would probably give you a shot, I may have been able to convince Matt to go to one and see what a nose vacuum was really like. Oh well, maybe some experiences are better left un-had.


Anonymous said...

OOO OOO I would definately let them shove a vacuum in my nose! Boy would I!

ambearo said...

well maybe you'll be lucky and have a sinus cold when you come visit and we can get you vacuumed up right.

April said...

Oh my...nose vacuum...Idon't even know what to say...or what to picture...that must really feel odd.