Thursday, November 16, 2006

November 11th

Obviously this date is special for Canadians because of Remembrance Day, but did you know that Korea has a special and unique holiday of its own? 11.11 is Pepero Day. This year we were spared a bit since the 11th was on a Saturday, however, we still received and consumed a disgusting amount of Pepero. Here's a few pictures of some of the various types of Pepero I received and of a booth on the street selling it.

Lest we forget... Pepero.


Anonymous said...

What does Pepero taste like?

kristybruce said...

So, Pepero is Korean Pocky?

Ah: Upon closer inspection, it looks like it is.

ambearo said...

Steph: Pepero tastes a bit like a cookie breadstick dipped in that fakey chocolate stuff that they make dipped cones out of. Not over the moon delicious, but hard to resist when you have a giant drawer full of them.

kristybruce: Yes, that is exactly what it is.

Jo said...


You need to post more often. It's been *days* and I need more to read!



kristybruce said...

I agree. More posting.

Do it.

Thus spake kristybruce

ambearo said...

You know how I fear the spake.