Thursday, November 23, 2006

I find this all kinds of funny.

I realize that not everyone is amused by these types of inappropriate things, however, this is my blog so you'll have to deal with it. The weekend we went to get the puppy (who has a name now, by the way, Sarang Teek- Sarang is Korean for loved and Teek is an Ewok name) I found this gem of a shirt. I had to purchase it and give it to Joi and everytime she wears it I giggle to no end. So I travelled all the way to Korea to find a shirt that says 'Africa' and has a "drawing" of something that resembles the lovechild of a giraffe and a zebra. Now I can make all sorts of clever jokes like, "Hey, look! Joi is in Africa!" and (when I was wearing it with the hood on), "I'm totally in the African hood". Yes, I am retarded. Oh, and here's a picture of the cute toque I bought too and of Joi wearing it in all her "African American" glory.

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Mez said...

I heart that toque.