Monday, November 06, 2006


A wonderful thing about Korea is how long autumn lasts here. Where I'm from you usually get about a week or week and a half, if you're lucky, of that golden, gorgeous, warm, lazy fall weather. Strolling down the street and gazing at all the lovely colors is something you need to savour and appreciate because more than likely it's going to dump snow and get frickin' cold pretty damn quick. Autumn in Edmonton is fleeting and hasty at the best of times.

Autumn hasn't really ended here yet and it's November. If you ask me, this is a seasonal miracle. This is like 6 years worth of autumns in Edmonton and I am basking in all its golden glory. The leaves seem to turn more vivid colors than those back home; or perhaps the leaves would turn those colors if they had a chance and weren't murdered by snow in mid-October. I took a few pictures so you all could share my favorite season with me.


Jo said...

Amber, that's beautiful! What amazing colours.


kristybruce said...

Ha. Lucky bastards. In Japan, there was exactly one week between the killing humidity and the freezing rain.

Luckily, that week was in late November, but still.