Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kids are [inadvertantly] funny...

So last week we were teaching the kindergarten kids about jobs and one of the activities was to draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up. Things in Lion class were fairly dull as I got a lot of racecar drivers (although Max wanted to be a scientist- that kid is a genius) but Jon shared an amusing little tidbit from Lamb class. Lamb class has a "special" student named Charlie. Charlie is basically kind of crazy and probably has some form of ADD/ADHD or some other kind of mental problem (although they don't really diagnose these things here, apparently). He is usually quite disruptive and he can't really speak any language very well. Anyway, so Jon was asking the kids in Lamb class what they wanted to be. Well Rina wanted to be a ballet teacher, Andy wanted to be a pilot, Frances wanted to be a firefighter... You get the idea. And Charlie? Well Charlie wants to be an umbrella. Seriously, he drew an umbrella and he stuck firm to his dreams and goals even when questioned rigorously by Jon Teacher.

Another hilarious, but inadvertantly so, moment happened when Kelly and I decided to teach Lion class a new song. At first it seemed innocent enough but things rapidly declined and then basically went to hell. This song has some gestures that accompany the lyrics. So the lyrics go like this: "Daddy finger, Daddy finger, where are you? Here I am! Here I am! How do you do?" and basically you start with your hands behind your back and when you get to the "Here I am!" part you bring out one hand after the other with your thumb sticking out (Daddy finger). Well, next comes Mommy finger which is directly, and unfortunately, followed by Brother finger. The kids love this song and I have an extremely difficult time keeping a straight face while 5 maniacally grinning 4 year olds flip me the bird. Apparently that gesture isn't universal (although Kelly Teacher does know what it means- maybe these kids are just too young and pure). This one I'm taking back to Canada with me; don't piss me off or you're going to be meeting Brother finger pretty damn fast.


kristybruce said...

That's the song that goes to the tune of Frere Jacques, right?

We used to play that game too, but we had it so that our palms faced our audience, probably to avoid that exact thing.

Anonymous said...
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