Friday, August 01, 2008

We're Back!

It's been a frantic week since we returned from our vacation. We got home late Saturday night, then proceeded to do laundry like crazy and then Sunday we had our book club meeting and then went to Bundang to return Dana and Curtis' backpacks and hang out. Monday we rushed back to Seoul and into work. So much paperwork and marking. Especially Matt is drowning in it since they are making him do phone tests for all these middle school kids who didn't attend for the first half of the month. Blah. So I have been trying to help him out with some marking and it was pretty hilarious, I must say. My kids are fairly low level so the questions and answers are usually pretty mundane. Here was my favorite answer out of the tests I marked for Matt:

Where would you like to study abroad? Why?

I would like to study in an attic. The reason is that there will be snug and comfortable.

Bwahahah! I couldn't stop laughing for like 5 minutes straight. This female student doesn't have an English name and I told Matt that if she asks for one he must call her Anne Frank. Unfortunately I had to mark her answer as incorrect since she didn't mention the attic being located in Germany. Yes, I know I am a bad person for making these off colored jokes but it was just too funny.

So otherwise I am working on blogging about China but it's taking forever to wrestle with the pictures I took. There are over 500 and technology hates me so it's hard to stay focused and motivated. They will come soon and will be glorious so don't worry!!


Carter said...

hahaha. you are too funny!!!!

Kirsty Bryce said...

Anne Frank - brilliant. I can just imagine the poor child going on exchange to some English speaking nation... "THE Anne Frank??"

Mez said...

HAHAHAHA! Classic!

Can't wait to hear all about China!

Bybee said...

Oh, thank goodness. I thought you'd stopped blogging.

Anne Frank; that's pretty good!

ambearo said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. ^^ I haven't stopped blogging but am a bit overwhelmed with the China pictures. I have made some progress though and should be posting about it very soon. <3